We offer,

Pressure Die Casting
We specialize in producing fully machined castings to applications covering the manufacture of a variety of products from Automation Industries, Textile Industries, Auto Industries, Electrical Parts and Hardware Item. more

Gravity Die Casting
If you want to go for mass production in fully mechanized casting, then Gravity Die Casting is a better casting process. For producing smooth and textured, well defined, accurately dimensioned metal parts, this method are also very good process. more

CNC milling (VMC) Precision job work
Our vertical machining centers provide speed and accuracy in the machining of all metal and plastics. Most of our vertical mills have true 3 axis capability as well as 0.005 Microns repeatability. This allows us to meet all of your prototype and production needs. more

EDM Job Work
E.D.M Xiaomi is use with Copper & Graphite enod for all type of precision mould in cavity & punch plate. It is use for making Good sharp corner, Good surface finishes and close tolerance is required from most of our customers. more

Panto Graph Job Work
Pantograph machine is use for Engraver cut letters, figures and designs on metal, wood, plastic and other metal.With this machine we can make creative and well design Font, Logo, Monogram, Pictogram, Scale, Symbol, Text Letter, Cavity, and Punch. more

Aluminium, Brass & Bronze Sand Casting
Sand combined with a suitable binder can be packed or rammed rigidly about a pattern. When the pattern is removed, a cavity corresponding to the shape of the part remains Kereta Sambung Bayar more